Escort Moscow

Escort Moscow

Moscow is the Russian capital. There are several sights in Moscow.

With about 12.4 million inhabitants Moscow is the political, economic, scientific and cultural metropolis in Russia with many theatres, museums, galleries and universities.

You should definitely try to get a guided tour through the Kremlin. The Red Square is very impressive, and if you are there at the right time, you can also take a short tour of the Lenin mausoleum. One should also take the time to see for example the Uspensky Cathedral, the bell tower Ivan the Great and many more. Moscow - is worth the trip!

For gourmets there are also many opportunities to visit the fine restaurants and enjoy the delicacies, such as WHITE RABBIT. This restaurant spoils you with fine European cuisine.

If you feel like Japanese flair, Restaurant YOKO is the right place to go.

But if you want to taste the original national cuisine - welcome to Restaurant MATRESHKA.