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Application to LKAY Models

You are 21-40 years young, attractive, parquet-safe, have a feminine dress style, are very well-groomed. You would like to be one of the top earners, so that you can afford a luxury article or a great apartment or a beautiful car. Maybe you would also like to finance your studies.
You love to enjoy the good sides of life and meet wealthy, sophisticated gentlemen.
You love to receive generous gifts and have the desire to travel.

Pretty trans are also welcome with us.

If this sounds like you, apply to LKay Models.

We are looking forward to you and your application!
Your LKay Models Team

What we offer you
  • Above average fee
  • 100% trustworthy cooperation
  • Very good order situation thanks to top ranking
  • Maximum level of anonymity on our website
  • No advertising contract
  • Familiar working atmosphere and 24/7 support
This is what you should bring
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Great appearance and well-groomed as well as serious appearance
  • Desire for erotic adventures
  • Positive charisma and a good dose of general knowledge
  • Flexibility, reliability and loyalty

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